How to survive in a city with no money? Know Answer
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Most of us have had that insurmountable burning urge to visit the city; just to feel the breeze of city air rushing past you, get to set eyes first hand on the sky scrapers and suspended bridges that we have only managed to see in movies. We were a bag of nerves really, just couldn't wait to get there. However, those who have been in a city for a while understand the financial droughts that wash over the city in periodic waves. A city is more like most marriages, while bachelors are so jazzed up to get married those in it wish they could get out. Moreover, money is the fuel that runs life in the city. So for those of us who have fallen victims of city-induced financial dry spell, here are some tips on how you can preserve yourself amidst the hunger strikes and wild times when your wallet is completely full of nothing.


1. Don't panic.

Staying calm is one of the most valuable virtues when you are caught up in a crisis. Panic clogs your brain and clouds your rationality. As a result you find yourself making rash decisions that will haul you up from the hot pan you were in straight into the fire.

If you calm yourself, take a long breath and wear a warm smile like everything is okay ideas will come to you. Your brain works a lot better when you are undisturbed by the turbulences city life tosses at you.


2. Exchange services for basic needs.

Good old barter trade works best when you have no money. If you can't be paid in cash better accept payment in kind.

Many of us know money as the returns you get for services, well better get used to people telling you they have no money in the city. It is a language everyone speaks there, the no money chronicles. So if you live in a place with these kinds of people you need to adapt a response strategy. You can work for food, water, gas, anything as long as you pick the right employer with something to offer aside from money.


3. Sell unused items

Have you ever realized half of the things in your house are just filler material? Well, you won't notice until a hole develops in your pocket and you urgently need money.

We use just a fraction of the things we own, the rest just make the house look complete. When money is busy playing hide and seek with your wallet you can take these old stuff to the market. The stove you stopped using after you got a coil, the analogue cable TV in the store, the piles of clothes and stacks of shoes you rapidly grew out of, all of these can put you back to your feet. Second hand items have a large market in cities, why not take advantage?


4. Make friends.

The phrase no man is an island can never be more appropriate when it comes to living in the city. Everything sweeps by at crazy speeds, even the globe spins a little faster in the city. You simply won't survive alone.

You need to be kind to people, and they'd be kind to you in return. Make friends on your way up so they catch you during your free fall through life.

We all know the curve life traces especially for average earners; you'd be on top today and licking the dusty floor the next day. When hell breaks loose inside your apartment and life starts punishing you in ways you weren't expecting, those you remembered in your days of abundance will pick you up.


5. Call home for money.

It is a common behavior for us to remember home when we are in trouble, and we're lucky family has an infinite capacity for love (well most of them). If you've got family members whether in the country or in the city, give them a call (borrow a phone and make the damn call). You might just be in luck and find your dad's pockets overflowing when yours are dry. Of course he'd give you a lecture, tell you how you need to work harder and keep talking for the next hour- but you know what else he'll give you besides the lecture, money.


6. Call for supplies.

Cities have no owners, someone must have come from somewhere else in search of stuff like education, jobs, vacation or adventure (If you were born in the city find out where your native home is). Either way, most of us have family members out there who covet our city life every time they wake up and when they go to bed and all the time in between. Call them and ask for supplies, we know cities don't grow their own food. Food comes from out there where your families are. Swallow your pride and just beg, there is no shame in trying to survive.


I am sure there are a lot of survival techniques used by city folks, we will be here a while if i were to outline just half of them. However, am sure the tips above can be helpful for those who are new in the city or whomever the issue highlighted beforehand may concern.


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