How to face tough people? Know Answer
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So if you are reading this, you have had an experience with a tough person in your life. We all come across such people, and they impact our lives in many ways.

We shall explore ways to deal with tough people and their negative and positive effects on one's psychic. 

It is fruitless to ask and complain about how a person reacts or hurts others in strange ways and manners. Our focus should be on moving on in life, learning our lessons well, and not repeating the same mistake ever again.

Tough people can be very challenging to deal with, as they offer an opportunity; instead, they offer "a blessing in disguise." You may be wondering, a person is making my life difficult, and this a Blessing!

Yes! It is a Blessing due to the following reasons. I want you to be very logical, rational in approach, and remove your emotional hats. 

Let us examine a few reasons why do tough people behave in a particular manner:

  • They have an innate fear of failure.
  • Procrastination is their favorite weapon.
  • They have latent insecurities.
  • They lack appreciation 
  • They are inflexible

The list goes on. The prime reason why a person becomes so tough and challenging is due to a lack of non-acceptance.

How to deal with Tough people:

  1. Acceptance is the key. The moment you accept a person the way he is, half of the problem solves. When you are in an acceptance mode, you will not complain, and you will happily carry on with your work. Acceptance means that you are not judging, cribbing, complaining, or brooding over things but deciding to do better, i.e., moving on and doing what is essential. Acceptance can start with a simple step, e.g., accepting myself, the way I think, the way I am. Accepting oneself makes it easier to accept others. It is like if we are finding a person tough, the reverse is also true. Thus, Acceptance is a chance where we can do some self-introspection and figure out what is wrong? How to correct it? Do I need to refine my ways? With self-analysis, one refines oneself, enabling a broader perspective.
  2. Be positive. Your positive energy will surely make the tough one insecure; tough people try to transfer their negativity and fear to you. The choice is yours to take it or leave it! Make a wise choice for yourself; you deserve better treatment, so expect that only from you. Only you know your self-worth, and if not, then it is time that YOU do!
  3. Learn the pattern Tough people follow a pattern; they will repeat the same way as they are habitual. The moment you catch this, you can find yourself above all the problems, as now you learn how they will react, and their depths. By knowing them in-depth, you make them weak!
  4. Be Silent At times, remaining Silent also works. We all operate in different environments, depending upon the environment we must act. Taking a wise call whether to speak or to be silent depends upon the situation and the person. 
  5. Hiss at times To protect oneself, we have to defend ourselves. To defend does not mean to start a fight and argue, create a hot scene. It means to speak with utmost understanding, logical yet forceful talk. The talk should focus on solutions rather than blames and complaints. Clarity reigns supreme here. One can defend better if one knows what he wants in life or at that moment.
  6. Focus The charged up environments offer an opportunity to focus on the real issue, look for the real problem, and try to find the solution. Do not waste your time on the way the content is delivered or the tone, the manner. As you have accepted the person the way he is, what is the point of expecting anything? 
  7. Understanding, along with Acceptance, is the key to rise above the situation and visualize it as a drama. Knowledge of the tough person's background, upbringing, life journey makes our vision broader; this also helps to understand and be empathetic with that person. We slowly move towards the largeness of the heart, where love, empathy, compassion dominate. Other things lose significance. Thus, my advice is to keep raising your bars and keep thanking tough people as they give us the required push to keep evolving as a human being.
  8. Talk it out patiently. If you get a chance, try to resolve matters with the tough person patiently, tactfully put across the points, again not losing focus and no blame games, please.
  9. If nothing WORKS, IGNORE If you have tried almost everything, then ignore! Often IGNORANCE is bliss! Few people are a hard nut to crack; accept this too!

Concluding Thoughts

Tough people don't last for long until we give them power; the moment we take control of our thoughts, actions, and behavior, nothing can affect us. Life teaches us lessons through tough people. Wisdom lies in learning our lessons well and moving on.







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