How does practicing meditation on a daily basis change people's life? Know Answer
written by Treesacherian Student

Sometimes it happens we forget to live our lives as we are immersed in our own thought process even without our permission. Many times we live for the sake of protecting our so-called pure image in front of the society. We tend to live a life appealing to the culture of our times.   Our own individuality in terms of our attitude, beliefs, and perceptions are underrated in modern civilizations. Our mind revolves around the past traumas and imagination of the wild future thereby drastically increasing the level of stress hormones in the brain. Thus we behave compulsively on a lot of matters external to us. Have you ever decided to live in the 'now' than excessively worrying about thoughts creeping into the hooks and corners of your mind?

Here comes the perfect antidote for the above-mentioned hardships. Meditation is a practice which inculcates silence within the whole system of the body-mind dimensions by bringing in harmony, peace, and freedom. In simple terms, meditation is all about sitting in a peaceful place and focusing on your breath rhythms, which is the physical fuel for life. It is not rocket science, but doing a vital life process that you have been doing unconsciously for long.

The dominant implication of meditation is that it helps us to remain grounded in the present and to find joy within ourselves at that moment. Indeed, it helps to find a much more spacious environment within ourselves for introspection and clarity. It makes us more realistic and practical to carry out a day to day activities graciously. It enables us to wear the role of an observer to peep into random thoughts running over our heads and the unpredictable activities happening outside. Consequently,  it improves the tolerance level to physical and mental pain and helps experience pleasant emotions with people. Moreover, it is the best practical tip to gain mental and physical fitness. The beneficiaries of this practice are human beings from all age groups like old age, adolescence, and children. Now let's look into the variety of privileges this consistent practice brings us.


As we start to focus single-minded on our breath or to any objects,  our mind gets less distracted. In a short span of time, our mind gets trained to stay focused on whatever we engage it into. This is especially useful for students facing memory issues or understanding problems. Long hours of study can be made possible in a  smart way by mastering this practice over time.

Emotional Intelligence

 It aids us in understanding our thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and helps us to choose the wise ones at the required time. It solves most of the mood issues like anger,  rage, jealousy as we start to choose which emotions we should put into picture taking into consideration the situation. This in turn helps us to maintain a healthy relationship with all kinds of people we are exposed to. It is not the nature of people but the quality of our life decides who we are and how we behave.


As the mind and body get an equal amount of relaxation and care, it is estimated to bring new ideas, as this is possible only in a qualitatively enriched mind. By then, new life choices will be made confidently to make life a better experience. The urge to exercise, pursuing quality hobbies, healthy eating habits are indirectly the byproduct of the same. These self hacks in turn help in providing more precise innovations that would better the lives of even the community.

Boost Immunity

Meditation rejuvenates the whole body system keeping it in a peak state of productivity. So,  immunity gets gradually boosted and prevents other infections along with limiting the occurrences of lifestyle diseases. As the body is relaxed, it begins the process of maintenance and repair with all its vigor.

Release Stress

 It releases stress in the body due to unhealthy habits, tension, and worries. And also keep it in a more comfortable state of existence. This can be contributed to enhancing the quality of sleep and decreasing the consumption of unwanted calories. Moreover, it enables us to laugh heart fully and live much more profoundly.

Avoid Mental Disorders

 Meditation acts as a happiness booster, minimizing the scope of feeling unwanted or lonely. It solves the anxiety, mood, and personality disorders on a preventive note. Mentally fit and resilient humans are the highlighting benefits this daily practice offers you. Suicidal ideation has no scope over meditation lovers.

Weight Loss

 Consistency is the only factor that promotes weight loss. Increased energy levels for the entire system through meditation make people do things like exercise and body loosening physical works. This keeps your  Fitness Mantra lively, over the time you come to your desired shape

Needless to say, meditation transforms you into a wholesome human being at all possible levels. You start to excel in all levels of life whether is it career, relationship, or socializing skills. Gradually you start to recognize your unique nature and will have unshakable opinions on any issues affecting your life. In the meantime, you will start to enjoy a much finer version of yourself.



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